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Chrysta Wilson

​Chef, Author, Life Coach & Travel Enthusiast

about me

I grew up in a family where food was how we showed love and made connections with others.  I think this is why two of my greatest passions are focused on the food we eat and the spaces and places that we call home.


Exploring those passions has led me to wear many hats: a chef, a cookbook author, a baker, a teacher, a public speaker, a social justice consultant, community change agent, a coach, and a travelling enthusiast.


what i do!

Social Justice Consultant

I am deeply committed to promoting equity and partnering with leaders to strengthen our communities.


I work directly with residents, community stakeholders and local organizations to lead social justice transformations that address historical disinvestment and institutional racism and biases.

Chef & Author

For nearly 15 years I've worked as a chef, caterer, and writer in the food and beverage industry. This world has enabled me to develop recipes, cook private dinners for 12, and plate 4,000 dishes for events such as the Emmys!

I've had the pleasure of serving as the Senior Executive Chef and Director of Operations for Tastery/Fresh Dish, an on-demand private chef company, as well as a prep cook and line cook for Patina Group  and Wolfang Puck Catering.

My greatest highlight is from 2005 when I launched the now famous made-from-scratch bakery, cookbook, and cooking class business called Kiss My Bundt.

Life Coach

I have been fortunate to live a life that I have designed for myself.  My mom gave me gift of knowing my life can be whatever I create--a life by design.

While not always easy, finding your purpose and living it out each day is deeply fulfilling. When you tap into your purpose, the opportunities are limitless.  When your purpose is aligned to a plan for you to live your best life, a sort of magic happens. 

As an ICF -certified life coach, I help others create their own recipe for their life:  a Recipe for Transformation.  

Travel Enthusiast

I've found that experiencing the food, music, and tastes of a place can help you find the innate connections to other people and cultures.

Traveling provides the opportunity to use all of your senses and this is what I love about packing a bag and going on an adventure.

I’ve always filled with a sense of wanderlust.  Whether it be via train ride through rolling hills near Florence, Italy, swimming in the beaches of Turks and Caicos, or living in the colonial town of Guanajuato, Mexico, I always find the magic of a place.  

What I Do

Kiss My Bundt

Since I was a child, I have been an cooking enthusiast, beginning with baking on an EasyBake® Oven and selling the treats in my driveway.  Since those days, I went on to work for many notable catering companies, including Patina Catering Group and Wolfgang Puck Catering.  Additionally, I created one of Los Angeles’ most buzzed about bakeries, Kiss My Bundt Bakery. I even shared the secrets to my award-winning cakes in my first cookbook, Kiss My Bundt.  I’m considered a national expert on the American Bundt Cake and the Southern American Baking Tradition.

Over the last decade, I have worked as a chef, caterer, and restaurant industry consultant, including serving as Senior Executive Chef and Director of Operations for Tastery/Fresh Dish, an on-demand private chef company.

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