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Chrysta Wilson

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Chrysta Wilson is an impact-focused change agent that provides strategic individual, community, and organizational development consulting and coaching services to nonprofits, community collaboratives, community-based organizations, and public agencies. Through her consultancy, Ms. Wilson co-designs and facilitates community engagement, systems change, community and organizational interventions that result in measurable transformation.


Chrysta was raised in the Southern United States by African-American parents who endured the racism and oppression of  “Jim Crow” policies that ruled the region. She was exposed to institutional and structural racism and classism at an early age, which provided formative experiences that developed her deep-seeded commitment to social change.

As a Social Justice Consultant, Chrysta's career has been centered at the intersection of how organizations and community stakeholders can, together, improve the conditions within organizations and communities with a clear vision and mission, and results-focused strategies. Through her consulting practice, Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, Chrystahas worked with various government, philanthropic, community-based organizations, and multi-sector collaboratives that sought to lead social change through innovative strategies.


Ms. Wilson has a Masters of Public Administration and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Policy from the University of Southern California.  She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified professional coach. While she has a broad range of skills, she excels in simplifying complex issues and using visual storytelling to develop supportive learning environments where groups are able achieve breakthroughs and create actionable plans for long-lasting change. Chrysta has advanced-level Spanish proficiency, greatly improved through her community-based partnerships with Spanish-speaking residents and her extended travels throughout Mexico.

Ms. Wilson is based in Los Angeles County, however, she provides consulting and coaching services to clients across North America with the intention of improving outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and organizations. 

Ms. Wilson is also an award-winning pastry chef, former owner of one of Los Angeles’ most popular bakeries, and the author of an award-winning, best selling cookbook Kiss My Bundt. What began as a small-time catering business in 2001 for family and friends has evolved to a nationally recognized brand that has consisted of an award-wining retail bakery, award-winning cookbook, and award winning cooking classes, and recipe and menu development consulting. 

While she's a retired chef, she continues to cook and bake for friends and clients because, as she has learned throughout her travels of the world, food brings people together.

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